Food industry

Probably the most surprising application of our heating plates is on the second thought
quite obvious after all: in the industrial production of food, they are used, professionally chrome-plated by Lenser, to heat and cook food.
Chrome plated & Resistant

Hot plates for industrial production of food

Our customers in the food industry have found a completely different purpose for our high-precision heating and cooling plates: They use them to cook and fry various foods such as frozen vegetables or meat products.

Here, the even temperature distribution on the plate surface as well as the precise controllability of our products is used practically like a huge hotplate to heat large quantities of food industrially. In order to be resistant to the use of detergents and prevent corrosion, we chromium plate the plates for use in the food industry. Feel free to ask for advice on your options:

Reconditioning & Repair

Repair of heating plates from food production

As the world’s leading manufacturer of heating and cooling platens, we naturally also offer repair services for our products as well as those of other manufacturers. To maintain their productivity and efficiency, it is essential to preserve the flatness and basic geometry of a press platen. A plate that is even slightly curved, disturbed in texture or otherwise damaged will inevitably lead to defects in the final product. Your benefits with Lenser: Comprehensive refurbishment up to the performance of a new plate, handled quickly and professionally. Learn more about our services:

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