Mechanical and plant engineering

Our heating and cooling plates are mainly used in hydraulic presses.
Naturally, we therefore work closely with international press manufacturers.
But we also maintain trusting relationships with special and heavy machinery manufacturers beyond this.
We manufacture according to your requirements

Customized design & machining

Lenser precision technology has a long tradition in mechanical engineering. Thus, the company was originally founded in 1948 as a mechanical engineering company before we were able to develop our current focus in the following decades with the metallic machining of large and heavy workpieces and especially heating and cooling plates. Due to our core product, in addition to appropriate modern machining centers, we also have the necessary know-how in the areas of surface machining and deep hole drilling. Continuous development in tooling, technology and expertise enable us to offer our customers our high quality at competitive prices today and in the future. We also benefit from our many years of experience in the fields of heavy and special mechanical engineering.

In our production halls in Senden an der Iller in the Ulm area, we manufacture and machine large parts up to a size of 16,000 x 3,700 mm and a unit weight of up to 100 tons. Our team of engineers and technicians specialize in solving your specific challenge. From customizable basic designs to highly specialized custom products, our focus is always on customer value.

Your advantages with Lenser


Your specialist in surface finishing and deep hole drilling.


More than 70 years of experience in machining large workpieces.


More than 50 colleagues are happy to work hand in hand for you.


Quality & Reliability.
Made in Germany.

Hot plate repair & refurbishment


As the world’s leading manufacturer of heating and cooling platens, we naturally also offer repair services for our products as well as those of other manufacturers. To maintain their productivity and efficiency, it is essential to preserve the flatness and basic geometry of a press platen. A plate that is even slightly curved, disturbed in texture or otherwise damaged will inevitably lead to defects in the final product. Your benefits with Lenser: Comprehensive refurbishment up to the performance of a new plate, handled quickly and professionally. Learn more about our services:

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