Plastic compression molds:
Molding of thermoplastic materials

For decades, Lenser Precision has been known as a manufacturer of high-quality press molds
successful for use in the semi-finished products industry.
Customized design

Plastic press molds

Our compression molds are mainly used in the semi-finished product production in the compression molding of thermoplastic materials (such as PP, PE and HDPE). The high-quality design enables the precise production of semi-finished plastic products, for example from high-performance polymers, which can be used for further applications in metal-cutting molding processes after cooling. However, they are also used in the manufacture of chamber filter plates and membranes made of polypropylene or similar materials.

Based on its many years of experience and technical expertise, Lenser Präzision also offers a wide range of customized solutions in this area – including finely ground and coated surfaces. Contact us – we will be happy to advise you!

With tools from Lenser

Molding plastic

The pressing or compression molding of plastics is used to produce semi-finished products and molded parts as part of a discontinuous process. Lenser precision tools are predominantly used in the molding processing of thermoplastics. They are designed and manufactured from high quality steels in our halls in Senden an der Iller. Learn more about the company Lenser:

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