As one of the world's leading manufacturers of press plates, we are pleased to offer you
our expertise in the professional repair of hotplates.
Hot plate repair & refurbishment


As the world’s leading manufacturer of heating and cooling platens, we naturally also offer repair services for our products as well as those of other manufacturers. To maintain their productivity and efficiency, it is essential to preserve the flatness and basic geometry of a press platen. A plate that is even slightly curved, disturbed in texture or otherwise damaged will inevitably lead to defects in the final product

Even more seriously damaged panels or those with a small residual panel thickness can be repaired in our halls. In this case, we partially weld the affected areas. Our methods of milling, grinding and polishing with the lowest possible chip removal make it possible to restore the performance level of a new press plate. In the course of these repairs, threads, connections and all attachment parts are also overhauled or replaced. We offer everything from one source: dechroming, repair, milling (if necessary), polishing, matting (with or without gloss level) and re-chroming. Our comprehensive services reduce downtime for our customers.

Market leader in hot plates for the manufacturing industry

Your advantages with Lenser


Through our skills in repair, the level of a new plate can be achieved.


Our engineers and technicians know the specific requirements for your plates.


We have been manufacturing press plates for decades and are your professional for heating and cooling plates.


Short-term realization & delivery within a few days due to mature processes.

Hot Plate Service

Quality inspection

After successful repair, we test all panels leaving our premises for tightness using water at 50 bar pressure. If the flow rate is reduced or the heating or cooling capacity decreases due to deposits in the circulation system, we can flush the heating/cooling plates field by field with water or chemically clean them. Dirt of any kind, limescale or thermal oil deposits are loosened from the heating circuit or the cooling circuit and flushed out.

We are constantly working on our quality management for our customers – in the manufacture and repair of heating and cooling plates, but also with regard to our internal processes and cooperation.

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