Printed circuit board industry

Today, they are part of almost everything: for everyday electrical appliances to
highly complex computer systems, huge quantities of circuit boards are needed worldwide.
Our products are at the forefront of the process in their manufacture.
For high quality circuit boards

High precision heating plates

Our customers also rely on high-quality heating and cooling plates from Lenser Präzisionstechnik for production in the laminating and multilayer sector. In this field, they are used in card presses and in the production of printed circuit boards (PCB).

Basically, the properties of our press plates are also used here primarily for controlling temperature and pressure in order to manufacture basic products such as raw printed circuit boards, usually from fiber-reinforced plastics, which are then processed further at a later stage. In the end, they are used in a wide variety of forms in all kinds of scenarios. Today, almost nothing works in industry or in private life without printed circuit boards – they are literally in every electronic device.

Reconditioning & Repair

Repair of heating plates for printed circuit board production

As the world’s leading manufacturer of heating and cooling platens, we naturally also offer repair services for our products as well as those of other manufacturers. To maintain their productivity and efficiency, it is essential to preserve the flatness and basic geometry of a press platen. A plate that is even slightly curved, disturbed in texture or otherwise damaged will inevitably lead to defects in the final product. Your benefits with Lenser: Comprehensive refurbishment up to the performance of a new plate, handled quickly and professionally. Learn more about our services:

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