Rubber goods industry

Lenser heating and cooling plates are also used for heating vulcanizing molds and
used in the manufacture of certain rubber products.
Vulcanization and more

Heating and cooling plates for the production of industrial rubber materials

The rubber goods industry uses our press plates on the one hand for heating various vulcanizing molds, and on the other hand also for the direct manufacture of products such as conveyor and transport belts.

During vulcanization, natural or synthetic rubbers are processed into elastomeric plastics (rubbers) in a chemical-technical process. The most important parameters in this process are time, temperature and pressure. The aim is to make the resulting material resistant to natural and chemical influences as well as mechanical stress. This requires, among other factors, high quality designed hot plates, for which our customers in the rubber goods industry are happy to rely on our help and advice.

Reconditioning & Repair

Repair of hot plates for rubber production

As the world’s leading manufacturer of heating and cooling platens, we naturally also offer repair services for our products as well as those of other manufacturers. To maintain their productivity and efficiency, it is essential to preserve the flatness and basic geometry of a press platen. A plate that is even slightly curved, disturbed in texture or otherwise damaged will inevitably lead to defects in the final product. Your benefits with Lenser: Comprehensive refurbishment up to the performance of a new plate, handled quickly and professionally. Learn more about our services:

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