Lenser Präzisionstechnik

More than 70 years of tradition and expertise

We are a medium-sized company with about 50 employees in Senden an der Iller in the Ulm area and can look back on more than 70 years of tradition. This experience is the basis of our special expertise in the fields of deep drilling and surface treatment of large and heavy workpieces. Also in the fields of technology and tools we are continually developing so as to be able to offer our customers high quality at competitive prices. Our CNC-controlled machines and operating equipment enable us to handle weights of up to 100 tons.
Our customers are mainly active in machine and plant construction on the international market. In order to meet their and our high demands also in the future, we rely on a combination of strict customer orientation, craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology for the further success of our company.

History of Lenser Präzisionstechnik


Foundation by Kurt Lenser as a mechanical engineering company


Horst Lenser becomes Managing Director


Foundation of the present Lenser Präzisionstechnik GmbH & Co. KG by Heinz-Erich Müller-Buttmann and Rainer Baehrens


Extensive investment programmes for the modernization of existing equipment and the purchase of new milling and deep hole drilling centres


Expansion of the heating and cooling plate business


Commissioning of the newly constructed Hall 6 and the Waldrich Coburg portal milling machine (unit weights up to 100 tons)


Death of Heinz-Erich Müller-Buttmann. Rainer Baehrens continues to run the company alone


Commissioning of the Soraluce FX 10000 travelling column milling machine


Commissioning of the SHW Uni Speed 5 milling machine


Commissioning of a new TIBO deep drilling rig. First certification in accordance with ISO 9001, since then continuous


Death of Rainer Baehrens. His successors are Maria Baehrens (managing partner) and Renaud Houy (Managing Director). Commissioning of the new Waldrich PMC3000 machining centre with pallet system for series production.


Introduction of CAD/CAM systems


Investment in the Wagner portal milling machine (CNC control)


Renaud Houy leaves the company. Florian Baehrens becomes the new Managing Director


Commissioning of the IMSA 2500 deep drilling / milling centre, a Soraluce SLP 8000 travelling column milling machine and a Uniport Unisign 6000 portal milling machine


Mr. Markus Prosser-Breimaier becomes a further Managing Director


Commissioning of the IMSA 2500 deep drilling / milling centre and a Soraluce PMG 6000 portal milling machine


Commissioning of a Soraluce PMG 10000 portal milling machine. Introduction of the ERP / PPS software BIOS 2000


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